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Songs by Jimmy Buffet  John Denver  Frank Sinatra  Elvis The Eagles..

Show tunes  ('Memory' from CATS, Wind Beneath My Wings,  The Rose)

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And, by the way---

Let's celebrate the success of Jerry's original songs! "Day of Eternity"  (Utley) charted #2 on the POWERSOURCE Inspirational Country TOP 100---a love song like no other!!! mp3 on its way.   Jerry's "Wings of Peace" (McWilliams) recently charted at #5 on the Southern Gospel TOP 100 for February 2009, a powerful piece that will stay with you long after the listening! ***You may purchase the mp3 on Amazon and Itunes.  Enjoy!

"Singer on the Stage" (Utley/Hardy) hit the Inspirational Country charted#13 . It's a lovely song about Jerry's first guitar given to him by his mama when he was 5.

Take a look above at Jerry, Mark Miceli, and Michael Roy, all of Louisville, KY. playing and performing "The Miracle" at BB Kings in Nashville during Fanfare . "The Miracle", orchestrated by Michael Roy, by Jerry also charted at #2 on the PowerSource ICMA TOP 100!  You may purchase "The Miracle"  mp3 on Amazon and Itunes.  You will love it!

Photos of Jerry's performance at the Grand Ole Opry/Acuff Theater, , BB King's in downtown Nashville at Fanfest, signing autographs for fans.






Check out the video cuts at the bottom of this page of Jerry's performance at the Oldham County Arts Center in Crestwood, KY. This Romancin' the Country event was a lovely showcase with roses, chocolates and fantastic music for a Valentine's Day event.




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    Country Music     


Buddy Jewell looks on as Jerry Utley presents the Female Vocalist of the Year 2008 Award to Sonia Isaacs, a most talented and dynamic artist.


The Country Radio Seminar  CRS is the first week in March 2009 ...

You may have heard Jerry at the

Convention Center or

performing at HMG Nashville


   Since 2005   Nashville Tennessee

 Jerry has enjoyed performing      original songs like Day of Eternity and Singer on the Stage for his fans at BB Kings on 2nd street !


In the meanwhile, you will find Jerry playing, singing and djing on the Ohio River at some fun river restaurants--

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  Aside from Jerry's pop music:

               Wings of Peace


   inspirational performance packages

    includes many of Jerry's originals



           Patriotic Celebrations!


     America the Beautiful

     The National Anthem

     Proud to be an American

     Elvis's American Trilogy & more...


           Tribute to John Denver


       Annie's Song

       Grandma's Feather Bed

       Rocky Mountain High

       Poems, Prayers, Promises

       This Old Guitar

       Country Roads & more...  





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